Please listen here if you would prefer to hear these words read out loud.

It is ironic that it is now Spring and there is more natural light and we find ourselves in situations such as self isolation and social distancing and a rising death toll that can make the world seem so very dark. And we may wonder what we can do and ask, as we miss being around those whom we love, where has all the light gone?

I have asked myself this same question and decided to look around for lights. And I saw you, or at least someone distinctly like you. There is a song which says, ‘This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.’ Now your light may not feel or actually be very shiny. This is ok. The world is going to need lots of different kinds of light.

There is the candle with its soft ethereal glow

Flickering, gentle, holding safe a sacred space.

There is the moon, a great big rock with no light of its own

Beaming in the darkness, reflecting the sun, the source of all light

There is the dawn, hopeful, brightening light

The bearer of new possibility and warmth

There is the lighthouse, shining bright to the vastness of the sea

Guiding lost boats to a safe shore

There is the strip light. Stark, necessary

Glaring at all hours,  relentlessly working

There is the twilight, the perpetual half light

Where it is hard to see, and all is vague and dim.

There is the quiet lengthening light of the late afternoon sun

That tells of a life well done, of a settling down to what lies beyond.

And there is all the light we cannot see…

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