Please listen here if you prefer to hear this read out loud

There are moments in life when it is all so murky and indistinct and smudged that we wonder if any of it matters anyway. We find ourselves scrabbling around to minimise the impact of a pandemic. As we live out these next few weeks and months we may find ourselves looking at desolation and horror again and again. To be with distress and loss. Horrors which we had not foreseen.

There is a song which by Salt of the Sound called ‘Lighthouse’ which contains the words ‘many wonders yet unseen’. May we believe and know this also to be true, that alongside the horrors there will also be wonders. Certainly many wonders which we have been too distracted or busy to notice, appreciate or cherish. There is an opportunity here to find wonders that have been as yet unseen. There will be new wonders too that we will see emerge of what is good and important and of true value. And who we are and our actions towards one another count for so much. Do we hunker down and turn inward and pretend that none of it really matters anyway? Action for Happiness put out a quote ‘people are not inspired by your opinion but by your example’. What examples of humanity can we offer to one another at this time?

I went and stood out in the field last Saturday and stood still in the face of the setting sun and the damp grass and felt the good earth which holds us all. Because now we are reminded that the grass matters because in part it feeds the cows, which give us milk, which is low on the supermarket shelves, which was our breakfast or a communal cup of tea. So the offer of milk is really the offer of the good earth to us, which we then offer to one another. So it matters. We matter, the earth matters, what connects us matters. Poet Harry Baker writes a poem called an A-Z of Time and Space and all the meaning this points to. He ends by saying ‘so either none of it matters, or all of it does’. So what matters about the horrors yet unseen and the wonders yet unseen? All of it does.

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