Please listen here if you prefer to hear this read out loud

Sometimes we have to make do with what we have available to us. Sometimes being limited forces out of us an innate guttural creativity that just isn’t possible when we have 1. So much to choose from and 2. The means to have it all.

My five year old daughter made a picture today from some pencil shavings glued to a piece of paper. I’m pretty sure this is because at the time this is all she had in her room and downstairs was too far away to bother. But pencil shavings…really? This is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Nevertheless it was actually quite a lovely picture. And anyway we are scraping the bottom of the barrel of our resources; physical, emotional, spiritual. I wonder what we may find here? There may be pencil shavings which we would at one time have discarded and disregarded. But now, perhaps these pencil shavings may be gently gathered and pondered on. For there is the possibility we may be able to forge some creativity out of what appears sparse, bleak and bereft. We may be able to turn them into something quite simple and profound. It may even be lovely.

Here is another artist (more advanced than my daughter) but who also knows how to embrace limitation to drive creativity…

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