We need to talk about home. By which I mean not walls, those these are good. Not our stuff, though that is lovely too. I mean more that sense of at -one-ness, the comfort, the safety, of being understood and accepted. The coming home. Being home.

You may know folk for whom this is not true right now. Perhaps you have felt this too. I think we sense this so keenly because we know what it is to feel at home, and so we are acutely aware when this is absent. The mole in Charlie Mackesys’ book says, ‘I think everyone is just trying to get home’. I agree with mole.

I wonder how we can help each other out with this?

I wonder whether what Saint Ignatius calls ‘consolation’ is this feeling of being at home, of belonging.

Now consolation, and home, can be found in a particular place. There is a phrase in Celtic spirituality which refers to places which soothe us, as ‘thin places’, where the soul feels right at home. Now, I reckon that if it can be true for places then it can be true for people too.

I am pretty sure there are ‘thin people’. Those who console your soul, who make you feel at home, even if you have been up-ended and are on foreign territory. They embody for us a ready kindness, which is good, for things will not be as they were before. A physical home can be unreliable, but finding home in the company of another, well, you can depend on something like that.

They say that we are all just walking each other home

They say that home is where the heart is

But, what if you have a broken home

Or a broken heart?

Then we will have to try to get home by another way

That may mean walking you home in the dead of night

In the dark,

If so,

All you need to do is take the hand that’s offered

And hold on tight

to the one who has dared

to bring the comfort of the home of their hearts,

to those who find themselves

far from home.

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