I could do with some help. I am not good at making things. But I need to make a kite. You see some time ago now words were written and things said that caused me great pain. And I have not known what to do with them and so they sit in a box in the loft. I even bothered to pack them when I moved house 10 months ago instead of throwing them in the bin. I was scared to let them go. No matter that many had come to my aid and defence, I still held them against myself.

I was speaking with a wonderful woman a few weeks ago about these pages and I considered burning them, but that felt too destructive. And then I suddenly I remembered a beautiful scene in the film The Personal History of David Copperfield. There is a character who is troubled by thoughts, images and words about the beheading of King Charles. He spends endless days in a darkened room with tormented thoughts which torture him, scribbling and sketching, surrounded by growing mounds of paper. Until one day the young David Copperfield comes bursting through the door and implores him ‘we can release them, we can cast them to the wind’. And they gather the reems of sketches and words and form them into a kite and charge out of the house into the open field and fly this kite together. The man in amazement exclaiming, ‘The sky is absorbing my words, the higher the words go, the clearer my mind becomes….This is a remarkable day’. His friend David Copperfield watches him saying,’it’s a delight to see you so liberated’ for this liberation gives room for him to remember other gifts he has.

Having remembered this moment I have promised myself I will take down my pages and create a kite. So I need an open field, and the company of a good friend. We will need the wind too, for this wise woman I was talking to asked me where God would be? Without hesitation I replied ‘in the wind’. None of us are flying anywhere without the wind. Divine breath always waiting for us to put our kites to the great expansive sky that has room for our speck of a kite.

And each other of course to help re-make and create our kites and launch them for each other. To watch and run and laugh and wonder together as they dance in the wind.

From 0:00- 1:27

Image by Николай Оберемченко from Pixabay

One thought on “Kites

  1. Wow Kate, what a great idea. I hope you have the opportunity soon Remember to plan what you will do with the kite afterwards . K

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