If I were to map my footprints                                  they would be in lines 

drawn thick with repetition 

my commute     to                                                      and fro 

the direction of travel always 
left                                                                              right 

straight                                                                     along 
back                                                                          again

Daily paths predictable 

I see kids and how they map their day
how they travel the world as they run, walk, skip, spangle, jump, 
hop, throw themselves around with gusto and abandon. 
Greeting any space without map, without plan 
no preconceived ideas of 'here first, then there'
no list  

Seeing just trees to dart round
boulders to ascend 
bushes to ambush 
Their daily lines all smudgy and zigzagged
snaking and twirly
wildly arranged 
no pattern except 
dots and dashes 
demarking their criss-crossed 
freedom paths. 

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