When facing forward we can trust two things: that the earth will be there to catch us whenever it is we dare to take our next step; and that the road will continue to wind out of sight, until some day we will each return our borrowed stardust to the universe.

I took this photo many moons ago now. In the early lock down days of hastily chopped bobs and buzz cuts, wearing socks with crocs, dressing up as superheroes with wand and capes because, well, one could. 100 % acceptable behaviour in a pandemic when you are 5 and 7. I snapped this shot then because the image took me aback. It still does now. Two little souls, vessels of magic with skin on, standing headstrong towards the wandering path, their minds on the wonder of imagination, shining like the sun which envelopes them, leaving only long shadows behind.

we are magic
with skin on 
not shell
nor scales
not fur 
nor feathers

that leaks
in sweat 
in tears 
in blood

bodies held together 
by so little
and by so much
wrapped around 
as we are
in the encompassing
protective layer
of our souls

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