Why footnotes? The * symbol indicates additional information, a footnote, a matter for further consideration or explanation. And this is, in part, why I write, because life continues along and sometimes my head and heart need to explore some more. To try and absorb more fully the meaning of what just occurred. Sometimes reading a paragraph a few times over brings better understanding and the chance to make a few footnotes to better remember what’s been learned. 
In early 2020 I had one of those life experiences that make you reflect deeply. My response to this was to start to write things down - some 'footnotes' if you like. I shared this with a friend and then, following the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, she suggested I create an online space to share some of these footnotes with others. Which is this space here - footnotes on life as I interpret it, an offering of words from my heart to yours. 

Kate Fox Robinson