In water, the body and soul take on other properties.

Morphing, moving differently, belonging to no one, having everything belong to you. If only for brief transitory periods of time. But if you can find enough of those times, of being nobody, just a tiny moving being, here, now, in this bit of time, in this bit of universe. Where you get to be water immersed in water. Well, wow, that can change a life.

when swimming 
i am nobody 
i become for a time 
a nobody 
nobody's mother
nobody's wife,
nobody's sister, 
friend for life. 
nobody's ... [insert job title here] 

all the roles and rules 
are out of play


so i become 
only a 
just a 
lone human 
in the vastness 
and minded by 
silky arms 
all around
this nobody

Image by modritsch from Pixabay

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