Please listen here if you prefer to hear this read out loud

You know when you see the Earth from space or watch any David Attenborough or Planet Earth you notice that there are a great many trees and wide open spaces and vastness of oceans. In fact in every Planet Earth episode the narration tells us some statistical fact that two thirds of the world is covered with water, and half in desert and the three fifths in rainforest and 34%  in ice. This tells me something, and not just that this all makes up a lot more than 100%! This tells me that in order to have life and for it to thrive then we need wide open spaces and we need to plant trees and have vast areas of wilderness. If we cram the Earth it will die. If we cram our lives we will die too.

Right now we have this strange combination of in many ways being less busy, because we are restricted in our movements. In others ways many folk are still juggling work and childcare and home education and caring for loved ones and so life still feels full, but with less options. One thing we do have though is permission to take a walk everyday, to make space for this, to breathe and we need this so we can cope. Even those working extremely hard will need their days off to recoup.

A fire shows the same thing, for it to burn there needs to be space in-between the logs or it will suffocate and just let off a lot of smoke but provide no heat or comfort to anyone.

The very cells within our bodies are full of space. Space where not much is taking place except for well, a bit of space. So it would appear that on a macro and micro level making a bit a room is exactly the best course of action. Here is a poem about seeking space. May you find yours and plant some trees in the landscape of your life so you can breathe.

Give me some unhurried time

Let me to the wild place

Give me one unscheduled day

Let me find the spacious space

Where expectations have no place

And to do lists take up too much space

So give me open-ended time, to plant some trees,

To flourish, to breathe

Give me vastness and plenty

Let me play and my diary be empty

This is all too built up and structured and planned

Take me to an undiscovered land

Take me to freedom and wide open skies

Take me to rivers and mountains high

Take me to waters cool and deep

And to dappled shade to rest and sleep

Let the wild things grow and creation bloom

Let it be messy

Give it room.

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